Services Provided by Arezzini Consulting:

Strategic Plan Development/Business Strategy, positioning for long term growth planning

                  An on-site facilitated process with the CEO and key executives.  Arezzini Consulting has a rigorous, comprehensive program that moves your key executives through a cumulative process including SWOT Analysis, Long Term Objective setting, Business Model, Market Segmentation and Strategic Positioning.  The result is a documented long term plan for growth that includes key execution steps for your organization.  This document and plan sets up your annual planning process by providing needed focus and context.


Market Segmentation and Planning

                  As part of the overall company strategic planning process, market segmentation is a highly critical step in narrowing the focus of your organization to segments that are "best fit" to your organization's core competencies and capabilities.  Segmentation is based on market attractiveness criteria that your organization articulates and is weighted based on those criteria that are most important.  Arezzini Consulting moves your organization through the correct sequence of steps to ensure that your market segment focus is performed correctly.


Developing and Implementing Sales, Marketing and Brand Strategies

                  Peter Arezzini has significant corporate experience within the areas of Sales, Marketing and Branding.  Peter addresses areas such as organization structure, Sales/Marketing models/process, compensation, social media, pricing strategies and other critical areas of these functions.  Peter has worked on strategies with clients such as Leatherman Tool, Viewpoint Software and others to improve Sales and Marketing effectiveness, brand strategy and reach.


M&A Strategy and Execution

                  Growth through acquisition is an important element within a wider array of growth options available.  The acquisition can be in a form of a company, assets, product, technology, license, brand or other element.  Targeting acquisition candidates that are a strategic fit to the organization is critical.  Arezzini Consulting has significant experience in business acquisition and integration and can assist the client in the search, identification and execution steps of a transaction.


Business Integration and Consolidation

            The successful integration of acquired companies, products, technologies, brands or products ensures attainment of initially calculated return on investment.  Peter has assisted companies realize synergies faster, more effectively by focusing on those specific areas where synergies exist and helps the client execute on those integration steps.


Product Development Roadmapping and Productivity

            Once target market segments and customer profiles have been established, products and service roadmapping can be initiated.  Arezzini Consulting has a methodical and proven approach to determine poorly met/unmet needs in the market place and assist the client in the construction of a prioritized, robust product development plan. 


Organizational Restructuring

            Completion of a strategic plan sets up the organization for execution yet the organization may not be structured in a manner that can best execute the plan.  Arezzini Consulting has assisted top management with complete restructuring of the organization including definition of roles and accountabilities, measurements and required competencies for the positions.  Clarifying roles, accountabilities and reporting structure removes ambiguity from the organization and ensures effective decision-making.


Succession Planning

            Succession Planning can be a difficult and sensitive undertaking for any organization.  And whether the succession is within a family/ownership structure or simply the transition planning associated with a key executive, the task deserves treatment with professionalism and diplomacy.  Arezzini Consulting has worked with a number of firms in the successful transition of key employees and can provide insights from many experiences in this area.


Developing "Go to Market" Strategies

            Routes to market with various channel partners or directly requires methodical strategy and planning to ensure optimum market impact with a minimum of conflict or confusion. in the  Arezzini Consulting has worked with many clients in a diverse array of channel partner strategies in both consumer and business to business environments.